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About us

New concepts GCC Trading was established in 2008 as an internationally oriented trading company, with the passion of food.And with an aim for going forward and focusing on imports in every market products. New concepts GCC Trading grew in its business step by step importing diverse niche food products from all over the world into the GCC market.

Reacting to an increasing demand for special food ranges and driven by the effort to introduce innovative products,that combine quality and reasonable prices into a new experienced.We currently import from the Europe and South America and supply to supermarkets,hotels, convenience stores, cafes and gas station all over the K.S.A. and Yemen.

Why choose us

THE SPECIALTY FOOD DIVISION - Dry Goods, Potato chips, Tortilla chips & NachosWith major investments in our brands and manufacturing capabilities over the year specialty division is well positioned in a strongsnack category leadership position.

We’re very particular when it comes to making our crisps, and we like to ensure that the crisps we produce are of the upmostquality.To that end we ensure that the person who fries the potato chips is the same person who inspect the potatoes before they’rewashed and cut.The fryer will adjust the size of each batch depending on the type of potato used.

THE SPECIALTY FOOD DIVISION – Frozen and Chilled Food Packing is designed to entice you. We offer a wide and complete range that satisfies every requirement. We choose products that are easy to use and extremely flexible, and its able to adapt.

Requirements and to frozen and chilled products . High quality to guarantee that our customers have products that are always prepared in the same way and controlled processes.